Thursday, June 7, 2007

I Heart Pitchers

Yesterday I woke up to weather in the 50s, a lovely cool breeze, the grey sky I've strangely come to love. Though, perhaps not so strangely. I've always loved heather grey as a color for clothes--cashmere turtlenecks and ribbed tights and over-sized sweatshirts. I just never payed attention before moving here to the way grey makes other colors pop. (Thus, my choice of background colors for this blog.)

I still feel like a Southerner. My southernness is integral to my identity in ways I find difficult to tease out. Yet, since moving here, I find myself wistful for winter in the middle of spring. I recently bought this cocoa pitcher from an antiques vendor at one of those random little tables full o' junk that sprout up in the center of the mall. I can hardly wait for a true chill to put it to good use. I'll fill it with steaming white hot chocolate, served with marshmallows and a little sprinkle of cinnamon, perhaps a nip of some fabulous liqueur. So many months to wait....

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Pix said...

I hope to be your first recipient of a hot steam mug of cocoa from your "I heart pitchers". We are wierd, raised in the hot muggy beaches and "fern fields" of Florida, always cold and yet have a love for the fall colors and wintry days of the north.